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The little G & J Lines horse....current restoration.


Due to the small amount of clearance between the inside of the right hand side rear leg and the swingiron. I want to make sure the stand is true.
Picture shows checking for winding (winding as in winding a clock), or twisting. This top rail is twisted. As can be seen by sighting the spirit levels. It is also out of level..


The top rail was loose, and was removed using a car jack....raising it a little each end at a time. Of course, if you're wealthy enough, you could use two jacks.


One of the top spigots was damaged by woodworm. It was also under size, and had packing fitted from new. 
A new spigot would be made and fitted.


The swingiron holes had become oversize with wear. The existing metal sleeves were driven out...a piece of 15mm copper tube is ideal for this. The holes were drilled out to 20mm. A suitable hardwood dowel was turned and glued in the holes, ready for redrilling.

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